US - Mexico Border Bundle US - Mexico Border Bundle
Emergency Needs

US - Mexico Border Bundle

Currently, there are 200,000 people in need at the US - Mexico border - some people are struggling to access basic necessities such as clean water, food, and toilet facilities. Many lack access to legal services and are separated from their families. By buying this gift, you are helping to respond to some of the most urgent needs at the border, and spreading love to those who need it most.

This bundle includes:
- Water
- Family reunion
- Emergency medical care
LGBTQIA+ support
- Emergency housing
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£10 from each sale will be donated to Help Refugees, a restricted fund held by Prism the Gift Fund, Charity No 1099682 *. The rest of the sale price will go to our fulfillment partner to cover the costs. T-shirt payments are processed through Help Refugees Limited, who do not profit from the sale.

Please note that despite our best efforts shipping times may be extended due to Covid-19.

T-shirts are printed to order on organic cotton. Packaging is plastic-free and recyclable. Renewable energy used throughout the supply chain and are designed to be returned and remade by our manufacturers as part of the circular economy.

* Returns and exchanges: regrettably, due to our supplier costs and the way our systems work, products which are returned or exchanged will not result in a charitable donation. We understand that in some cases returns and exchanges are unavoidable, but we request that you please only do so if your purchase is not wearable or giftable, so that your generous donation can be made.


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