Who we are

We are Help Refugees. Founded in 2015 by a small group of friends, in just two years we have grown to become one of the most prominent humanitarian aid organisations working directly with refugees and migrants in Europe and beyond.

Responding to urgent need rapidly, and acting where large INGOs can’t or won’t, we now support over 80 different projects and have helped over 600,000 people across 10 countries.

Choose Love. The store is inspired by the iconic slogan Choose Love that was designed for Help Refugees by Katharine Hamnett. It’s a simple but powerful message and it’s at the heart of everything we do. This store is a practical way people can choose love and contribute to our work on the front lines of the refugee crisis. You can find out more about our work and where your money goes by visiting our website.

The concept and design of the Choose Love store was developed by Glimpse, a collective for creative people who want to use their skills for good. Instead of focusing on the problem, they create a ‘glimpse’ of a better world which feels aspirational and new. With the Choose Love store, Glimpse and Help Refugees wanted to create something different around Christmas shopping. Instead of candles and novelty socks, what would happen if a store sold basic items that could make a real difference to someone’s life?

Glimpse’s first campaign was the Citizens’ Advertising Takeover Service (C.A.T.S.) – a Kickstarter to replace every advert in a London tube station with pictures of cats. Learn more about Glimpse at www.weglimpse.co.